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Sobe Party Pass is the only ticket you need.

Sobe Party Pass provides fast, guaranteed access into the hottest South Beach parties before midnight! After booking you'll receive instant confirmation and a SoBeVIPs representative will contact you to answer any questions you may have about your passes. If you have any questions about the Sobe Party Pass, please contact us at 305-724-2800 or vip@sobevips.com.

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A Passion for Great Service

SoBeVIPs is a 5 year old, no BS, VIP nightlife company which specializes in providing guaranteed hosted access to South Beach nightclubs and special events.

Our Promise to Our Clients

1. Only the best parties.
We will take you to the best club on the best night to go.

2. Pre-planning means piece of mind
We will pre-arrange the entire night, and let you pay in advance.

3. You'll save money.
We will get you a better deal than if you tried to book with the club directly.

4. We'll take care of everything.
We will personally escort your group in making the entrance process painless.

5. It's all 101% guaranteed.
Our services are guaranteed and we back it up with our 101% refund promise.

It was late 2004 when Eddie Young, Jesse Bush, and Kevin Mack started working on an idea that would shake up the exclusive South Beach nightlife scene forever. From the start SoBeVIPs was destined to do it right. With the support of South Beach's most influential nightclub promotion company ever, Empire Events, and nightlife powerhouse The Opium Group, creators of Mansion, Opium Garden, Prive, and SET, the SoBeVIPs team set out to be the ultimate provider of VIP hosting services in South Beach.

It didn't take long to get noticed. In a scene that changes weekly people are naturally inclined to seek out a local's perspective and advice. With money on the line and the pressure of making the most of your time in South Beach, SoBeVIPs has built a reputation as the authority on where to be, and provider of exclusive access, to the latest and greatest nightlife events all over Miami Beach.

Over the last few years our team of 15 nightlife hosts has hosted hundreds of celebrities, athletes, and normal party people just like us from all over the world. We have continued to develop products and services which fit people's needs and offer an unprecedented level of service to every group we host, making sure that people are able to experience everything the South Beach nightclub scene has to offer regardless of budget.

We treat every group we host as if they were our personal friends in town for a visit, and only take our clients to the best venues that we ourselves would be partying at even if we weren't in this business. We only deal with the best of the best.

It is our attention to detail, personalized service, and the incredible nights we've shared with our clients that have earned us an impeccable list of clients, a solid reputation, and best of all, a loyal following.

We sincerely want to thank you for visiting our site and being a part of our tremendous growth and we appreciate all of the great feedback you've given and will continue to give as we continue to improve our services.
- Kevin, Eddie, & Jesse

Our Signature Services

Be sure to check out our VIP Bottle Services and our SoBe Party Pass line passes and start planning your night out at some of the hottest clubs in the country.

Miami named the #1 2007 Top Party Cityin the country!

From Maxim magazine: - 1. Miami - Drinks on you, Miami, a city with 49 modeling agencies and a 13.2 percent divorcée rate. Most of all, we like your market-driven nightlife: Bars close whenever, dancing and smoking are accepted, and happy hour is a lifestyle. Plus, Shaq’s the only cop in town!

Why We Do It

When most people think of South Beach, they think of an exclusive playground for the rich and famous. The clubs are fantastic, upscale venues full of celebrities, musicians, and beautiful people. The shopping is second to none, the food worldly and delicious. We believe South Beach is all of these things, and much more. Our goal is to provide access to these amazing experiences for everyone.

The Best Available

SoBeVIPs provides hosted VIP access into South Beach Miami clubs, restaurants and hotels. With a scene that is changing weekly it's important to have a team on your side that knows what's hot and what's not. SoBeVIPs takes pride in having the best hookups on the beach and we can get you and your group into any place you'd like to go. If you are interested in our VIP services, start planning your event and we'll contact you with some options and the details of our service. Don't waste your time with anyone else. No one can provide the access that SoBeVIPs can.

Why Choose SoBeVIPs?

We're real people who provide VIP services for real people. We started this business to open our city up to everyone - not just the privileged, the wealthy, and the famous. We know what it takes to make your South Beach experience amazing, and take pride and responsibility in everything we do. We love our little city and want to make sure that everyone we come into contact with through our work feels the same way. Our goal is that every single client we work with has no choice but to sing our praises and look forward to their next night out, or next trip down to Miami. SoBeVIPs is fanatical about making sure our clients have an incredible night out. .

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Additional Services

Miami and South Beach New Year's Eve Parties

SoBeVIPs is the ultimate source for South Beach New Year's Eve parties at our Miami New Year's site, SoBeNewYears.com.

Las Vegas VIP Hosting

In addition, SoBeVIPs also does VIP hosting in Las Vegas. Check out VegasPartyPass.com for Las Vegas Line Passes and LvVIPs.com for Las Vegas Bottle Service.

Contacting SoBeVIPs

Office: +1 305-724-2800
Email: vip@sobevips.com

SoBe 101: Getting Past the Velvet Rope

SoBe's club scene is the place to see and be seen, but it's a dog-eat-dog world out there. If you're fixin' to go partying on a Friday night in South Beach, you better get your groove on because it takes more than just a pretty face to get you past the velvet ropes.

One of Queen Latifah's favorite haunts is Mokaï, Jamie Foxx partied the night away at Mansion while in town filming "Miami Vice," and funnyman Will Ferrell has been known to wind down at Privé. But if you have the entourage but not the celebrity pull, how do you get to enjoy the same privileges of the jet set?

photo credit: LA Times"There are a few tricks to making it past the velvet ropes," says Vanessa Menkes, vice president of the Opium Group, the company behind SoBe's premier haunts including Mansion, SET, Privé and Opium Garden.

"The first and most important one is a great attitude," says Menkes. The doorman's job ("we don't refer to them as bouncers," informs the nightlife expert) is to ensure that the club has a great vibe.

VIP Table Service

Experience South Beach clubs in true VIP style with your own table in some of Miami's hottest nightclubs. Our hosts will escort your group past the line to the VIP area where you'll enjoy your own bottles and unlimited mixers.

Club Line Passes

The only true Miami nightclub line pass is the Sobe Party Pass. Pick one up and you'll speed past the lines into South Beach's hottest clubs! No line, no wait, no hassles. Just show up and roll in like a celebrity!

Miami Event Calendar

Check out the hottest upcoming South Beach club events as recommended by our nightlife planners. Reserve VIP table service or pick up a Sobe Party Pass to make sure you get in the door!