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This FAQ is designed to give you some insight into what SoBeVIPs is all about and the line pass and bottle services we provide. We let you know what to expect so you're able to get the most out of your SoBeVIPs VIP Experience.

Sobe Party Pass is the only ticket you need.

Sobe Party Pass provides fast, guaranteed access into the hottest South Beach parties! After booking you'll receive instant confirmation and a SoBeVIPs representative will contact you to answer any questions you may have about your passes. If you have any questions about the Sobe Party Pass, please contact us at 305-724-2800 or

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What is a VIP host?

A VIP Host has an established relationship with the hosts and doormen at most of the clubs around town. Their job, if you choose to use them, is to do all of the work for you, and to ensure that you and your friends have a great time all night. You don’t have to worry about waiting in lines, getting anyone’s attention, making reservations, scheduling limousines, or keeping all of your friends under control time wise. They will take care of everything in advance and walk you through the lines with little-to-no-wait.


Why do I need a VIP host?

SoBe nightclubs and lounges are notoriously hard to get into. Whatever you have seen on TV about the difficulties of getting into these clubs and the ruthless door guys is true and then some. It's not uncommon to be standing out front of a club for 3 hours, only to get shunned by the door guy when you finally make it to the front of the line. So besides the wait, if you have a large group a VIP service is practically a must to ensure everyone gets in at the same time, let alone gets in at all.


Why should I choose SoBeVIPs?

Our mission is to make sure you have a great time. We're not saying you can't have a great time on your own, but we can certainly take the inherent hassle out of rocking out in SoBe. It's what we do and we guarantee our work so you come out satisfied every time. If you want to have the best SoBe VIP experience, you can't afford not to use SoBeVIPs. In addition to our nightlife services, we can plan your entire stay, including hotels, restaurants, daytime activities, exotic car rentals and boat charters. We work with the most popular nightlife destinations and have an excellent relationship with our venues due to the volume of business we conduct. One of the benefits of our service is that the relationships we have created with South Beach nightclubs enable us to pass on more value to our clients by minimizing the amount of bottles that would normally be required for a large group. Take a group of 10 guys on a bachelor party for example. By booking through they will receive a private VIP table for as little as 3-4 bottles whereas a group of that size would be required to purchase 6-7 bottles if they went through a local hotel concierge or the club directly, almost doubling their price of admission. Basically, the only power a concierge has is to make a group the table reservation. In addition to getting our group a great deal, we make the reservation and ensure the group is taken care of with respect the entire night. All of our clients are personally consulted and hosted at all times, from walking them into the club to handling all financial transactions within the club itself; allowing them to enjoy the night without worrying about splitting a bill or chasing down a VIP hostess at the end of the night. We are very proud to have a 100% satisfaction rate and reputation of integrity and professionalism in this business. SoBeVIPs is dedicated to making your night out the absolute best it can be.


What services does a VIP host provide?

First off, we will get you in without a problem. No one else can provide the access to the best clubs like SoBeVIPs can. We can get you the absolute best locations at the clubs on the best nights. We've worked hard to get our clients the best hookups around. We offer:
  • VIP Bottle Service
  • VIP nightclub entry
  • VIP Limo transportation
  • Exotic car rentals
  • Luxury Real Estate rentals


How do I make a reservation with SoBeVIPs?

  • First, we find out exactly what you want to include in your VIP experience. To do this, send us your request.
  • After we receive your request, we'll find out any additional details from you.
  • Once we know your goals, we will plan your VIP services for you and provide you with a price quote based on your needs.
  • If you are happy with your price quote, we will send you a contract for services.
  • Once you have read the contract over, sign it and fax it back and you're all set.


Does SoBeVIPs guarantee its services?

Yes. We are not a company that leaves the door guy a message on his cellphone about your group showing up at midnight. We are going to be right there with you. Your SoBeVIPs host will personally escort you in through the VIP entrance to your table and make sure you're taken care of immediately.


How much do SoBeVIPs services cost?

Our services start as low as $19 per person. Each quote is handled on an individual basis. To receive a free quote send us your request.


How do I pay for SoBeVIPs services?

We accept cash and credit cards. Once your reservation is confirmed you will choose your payment method and arrange payment with your VIP host.


What time should I arrive at the nightclub?

We ask all of our clients to arrive at the nightclub between 11:30PM-12:00AM. The exact meeting time will be arranged directly with your VIP host.


How do I contact my host?

Once your reservation is confirmed you will get a call or an email with your hosts name and cell phone. Your host is available the entire time you are in town and can be reached 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Tipping Policy

Our hosts work for tips. If you feel the service you receive is up to your standards, please feel free to extend a tip.


What else do I NEED to know?

Unlike other VIP Hosting services, we are not going to lie and say that you can't go to South Beach nightclubs without us. With the proper planning and execution you can make it inside many of the hottest spots. With that said there are a few important things to know:
  • Beware of hotel "guest lists." A lot of our clients tell us the same thing: "Last time we were here we were on the list and ended up waiting 2 hours outside and didn't even get in." We know that you didn't spend 2 hours getting ready to stand on a sidewalk all night. We are the only service that can guarantee your admission and tables. You and your party don't want to be left outside the club on a Friday night.
  • Be VERY wary of websites claiming to sell 'Discount VIP Passes' or 'Discount Nightclub Passes.' Unfortunately these passes are a scam and they will not help you get into a club in South Beach, let alone get to the front of the line. Only our hosted entry passes will actually get you into the club without any issues.

    If you've been burned by these services, please email us and let us know so we can put a stop to the scams.


What is Sobe Party Pass?

  • Sobe Party Pass is a nightclub entry pass that was created through a joint venture between SoBeVIPs, Empire Events and The Opium Group
  • The SoBe Party Pass is only sold online through our secure website,
  • A SoBe Party Pass guarantees entry before 12:30 AM.

How does the pass work?

You pre-purchase your passes online. You can pre-buy all the way up until 8 PM on the night you want to use the pass. You will receive a confirmation code and instructions on where and when to meet at the club you selected. Simply call the host, arrange the meetup and head to the club with your confirmation number. The host will escort you in and you'll have a great time.

How long is the Sobe Party Pass good for?

Passes are only good for the club and particular date they've been purchased for. We will exchange them for you in some cases if you need to change clubs or dates.

Are there restrictions on the passes?

No restrictions on the passes other than the date and club selected. You must be 21 to gain entry to all clubs.

What is the difference between the Sobe Party Pass and VIP Bottle Service?

Bottle service comes with a table reservation and is typically a way to guarantee entry to most clubs. Party passes just allow you to pre-pay to get into the club of your choice, without the need to purchase bottle service.

Can you use the Sobe Party Pass more than once?

No, each pass is only good for the club and date purchased.

What is VIP Table Service?

VIP table/bottle service is the ultimate way to experience the nightlife. VIP Table Service ensures you a great location in the club. It's like prime real estate amongst the A-list crowd. You have your own table, your own place to sit, your own bottles of alcohol, mixers, etc. and best of all the VIP area roped off so that not just anyone can get in to bug you. In addition, you will have a "home base" to meet back at if members of your group get separated, which they usually do at crowded clubs.


What is a Hosted Line Pass?

Hosted Line Passes are guaranteed tickets into the nightclub. Our hosts will personally walk you past the lines and into the nightclub without any wait or cover charge.


What is the dress code at South Beach nightclubs?

The dress code in South Beach is hip and trendy. Girls usually wear a sexy dress and heels and guys are good with nice shoes or stylish sneakers, good jeans or slacks and a button down or polo shirt. The general rule in South Beach is to overdress.

Clubs do not allow shorts, athletic wear, baggy pants or shirts, chains, athletic sneakers, flip flops or Birkenstocks.


What club is the best on ____ night?

The "best" changes all the time. Your best bet is to call one of our hosts at 304-724-2800 to get the latest scoop.


How late is the club open?

South Beach clubs are open from 11pm until 5am.


VIP Table Service

Experience South Beach clubs in true VIP style with your own table in some of Miami's hottest nightclubs. Our hosts will escort your group past the line to the VIP area where you'll enjoy your own bottles and unlimited mixers.

Club Line Passes

The only true Miami nightclub line pass is the Sobe Party Pass. Pick one up and you'll speed past the lines into South Beach's hottest clubs! No line, no wait, no hassles. Just show up and roll in like a celebrity!

Miami Event Calendar

Check out the hottest upcoming South Beach club events as recommended by our nightlife planners. Reserve VIP table service or pick up a Sobe Party Pass to make sure you get in the door!